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  • Decreased 3rd Q activity; Forecasting busy 1st Q 2021 — October 2020

    Access Source has seen decreased search demand in many manufacturing sectors while those involved in manufacturing of recreation & health products have been steady. Increase in demand for contract recruiters as well.

  • Increased demand for contract recruitment services — February 2020

    Access Source is noticing an increase in needed contract recruitment services with existing and new clients. Seems to be due to growth coupled with lack of interest in having a full time recruiting team. Strong demand for engineers continues for most clients across industries.

  • Strong demand for Engineers, Lean Specialists, Supply Chain, Project Managers – 3rd & 4th Q 2019 — December 2019

    Access Source continues to receive requests for sourcing support in the area of Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Project Management and Supply Chain with the manufacturing sector. Demand for talent in these areas seems very strong while exceeding supply in many markets. Forecast a busy 1st Q 2020.

  • Steady Manufacturing search requests 1st half 2019 — May 2019

    Strong search numbers for key manufacturing positions in engineering, lean continuous improvement and operations management.

  • Encouraging hiring trends heading into 2019! — December 2018

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all! We are excited about the trends and conversations we are having with regards to hiring in the 1st Quarter 2019~

  • 3rd Q – Steady search requests — December 2018

    Steady search activity due mostly to client internal transitions.

  • 4th Q – Increase in search activity — December 2018

    Client growth gets 4th Q off to fast start with increased requests for search assistance with newly created roles and replacements.

  • Strong 1Q ends. Steady start to 2Q — April 2018

    Demand for specific experiences in manufacturing and technology sectors continues as 2Q starts. Sales, Lean & Continuous Improvement and Operations Management skill sets remain biggest request.

  • Technology Sales demand Increases — January 2018

    Increased activity and demand for technology sales being seen to start the new year!

  • Strong 1Q complete — April 2017

    ASG finished a strong 1Q with increased demand for technical hires. Appears to be stronger demand than supply for engineering and technology professionals.

  • Strong growth in 2016 — June 2016

    Strong search requests across sectors with focus on technical & engineerings roles, VP Level Operations, Supply Chain and Product Marketing.

  • 1st Quarter 2015 very strong — January 2015

    ASG experiences strong 1Q results fueled by demand from long-term clients in the areas of Operations Management, Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain professionals. Technical engineering openings remain an on-going demand for clients across industries.

  • 2014 – Steady year — December 2014

    The 2014 year was a steady year yet overall number of search requests was down. Increase in number of successfully completed searches noted along with an increase in referral business from long-term clients ASG has worked with over the last 10+ years.

  • Steady start to Q1 2013 — January 2013

    Search requests on par for normal in January with budgets still sited as a key pressure point for hiring managers.

  • Fast start for 2012, but relocation a growing search factor — January 2012

    January searches off to a fast start. Key technical skill sets in demand while relocation is still a challenge.


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