Where Are They Now?

Our placements can be found in:

Manufacturing Technology
Consumer Products


Senior managers and executives face tremendous responsibilities and challenges in today’s marketplace. In the course of their careers they may need a confidential and selective outlet to explore potential opportunities.




The executive placement process was specifically established to meet this need. This process begins with a thorough qualifications process, continues through exploration activities, and is finalized upon the sourcing of an optimal match. If you are an executive seeking a confidential transition, call our team to explore how we may be able to help with your transition.

Business cultures,  economic environments and corporate leaders are changing constantly. Our Partners each have over 25 years of executive recruiting experience individually, working with Fortune 500 companies and small technology start-ups. The experience we have gained in these diverse environments could be the sourcing asset you need on a consulting basis.




We intentionally focus extensive energy on keeping up with the latest trends, strategies and technologies and are able to offer those valuable services on a consulting basis. Call us to learn more about how we can help you establish a streamlined and effective recruiting and sourcing process.


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