We are experts at search alignment! Our expertise is in our ability to identify and attract professionals that impact our clients' bottom line. Through the many market changes, Access Source continues to be a leader in executive sourcing. Our established & proven processes are customer driven and results oriented! 


We believe we are the best at understanding our clients' objectives and partnering with them to attract the industry’s best talent. Our track record of success ensures our clients have a complete candidate slate in order to select and retain the right person. ASSESS / ACCESS / ACQUIRE


Through the utilization of best practices and time-tested methods of ethical recruiting, we are able to provide comprehensive and customized search services.

The recruitment and retention of the selected candidate is our primary focus. Because we are committed to providing industry leading professional services, we offer placement guarantees, hands-off personnel guarantees, and reasonable fee structures.

The scope of our retained projects are determined by our clients’ requirements in each search engagement.

Organizations often call on us to be an extension of their talent acquisition department to quickly fill multiple functional positions. During our talent acquisition consulting engagements, we work onsite conducting the critical activities of the hiring process.

By being a part of our clients’ culture as we report to the hiring manager and HR, organizations can focus on their daily operations while we coordinate the interview, selection, offer and on-boarding process. Utilizing our state of the art database, applicant tracking software, and on-line resources ensures a positive return on investment.

We bring over 30 years of working with recruiting organizations from Fortune 50-500 Corporations to small technology start-ups in Silicon Valley. This experience allows our seasoned staff to help you:

  • Assess your recruiting strategy
  • Evaluate your internal talent and systems
  • Define your corporate recruiting strengths and needs
  • Identify the right people and processes
  • Lead the recruiting process forward

There are several consulting options available to help you create, build and sustain your company’s foundation and most fundamental asset: your people!


ASG's key for the day:

"As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man." Prov. 27:19